Agile with Microsoft Visual Studio

I was curious about how Microsoft Visual Studio, has implemented Agile. I’m going to try to build a project from the ground, with an example of managing work  for a small team.

The first to consider in the creation of the project is , we can choose the Process template to work with Agile, CMMI or Scrum.


So, depending on the team needs, Visual Studio gives us the possibility to choose between these options. To select one of them, we can consider as following:

  • If we are using Scrum in our project, we can track product backlog items (PBIs) and bugs on the Kanban board. This template follows the definitions of Something to consider :For tasks, only tracks remaining work.
  • If we are using Agile, we can track user stories and (optionally) bugs on the Kanban board. In this case,  Tasks tracking includes Original Estimate, Remaining Work, and Completed Work.
  • If we are in a formal CMMI project, with the CMMI template can have an auditable record of decisions. With this process, we can track requirements, change requests, risks, and reviews. Tasks support tracking Original Estimate, Remaining Work, and Completed Work.

I’m going to choose Agile, and  when  I create the first task , I can set priority, work, description,effort, I can assign it to someone, start a discussion about it, put this task into a group, etc.

2016 09 26  Task Creation.jpg

When the tasks are created, I can visualize them in a Kanban Board like this:


In this board, we can change the status of the task just with a simple drag and drop.

This is my first approach using Visual Studio to create y first project. This product is free for a 5 members team. I think is very easy to use, simple, understandable and flexible depending on the way of the team works.It has a lot of features and extensions to investigate and use.

I’m learning all from here, just in case someone wants to take a look:

Thanks @ Toronto




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